Thursday, November 26, 2020

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Abound, Don't Forget Deals on Genealogy Too

It is Thanksgiving today and the deals have already started for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While shopping for all those holidays deals this weekend, do not forget to look for all those genealogy sales too!

Your favorite family genealogist (maybe that is you) will thank you. Check out your favorite genealogy subscription websites, genealogy publisher websites, genealogy society websites for membership deals and publication sales, and, of course, Amazon and the like for deals on books and technology.

Have fun saving this weekend!

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! (some day soon)

Free Access to This Weekend Nov. 26 to Nov. 30, 2020 is having a free access holiday weekend. It started today, Thursday, November 26 continuing through Monday, November 30, 2020, at 11:50 p.m. EST. The access weekend is featuring Ancestry's StoryScout experience.

Here is an idea. Since many can't be with their families this holiday, considering you or your older kids calling or Zooming or Google Meeting grandma/grandpa or other older relatives who are maybe a little bit technically able and working on some genealogy together. Can you find grandma/grandpa or great-grandma/grandpa on the 1940 census? Or their grandparents on an even earlier census. Take some time to talk, sharing stories and do some genealogy together!

Yes, many residents of the United States and Canada are getting temporary free remote access to Ancestry Library Edition until March 2021, but this is an opportunity for those with Ancestry Member Trees (which are free) but no paid Ancestry membership to be able to utilize the free access time to more easily enhance their trees with record information/sources. Remember to download your found images so you do not loose access to them after the free access time period. Otherwise, if you do have access to the Ancestry Library Edition offer you will have to manually find the record images back and download that way.

Have fun searching!

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! (some day soon)

2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, Deals on Gift Memberships, AncestryDNA has started its Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. This sale is on Gift Memberships and autosomal DNA tests.

Gift Memberships is having a 50 percent sale on its Gift Subscription Memberships until Monday, November 30, 2020. Gift memberships are one-time, non-renewing memberships. You pick the start date of the gift membership and it arrives in the recipient's email on that date. Recipients are not supposed to have active, paid subscription. See the Questions and Answers towards the bottom of the gift membership page.

U.S. Discovery GIFT Membership
Access to U.S. records
6-months reg. $99.99 ... sale $49.99 ... save $50 
12-months reg. $189 ... sale $94 ... save $95

World Explorer GIFT Membership
Access to records across the globe.
6-months reg. $149 ... sale $74 ... save $75
12-months reg. $299 ... sale $149 ... save $150

All-Access GIFT Membership
Access to records across the globe; plus military records on; and articles on Basic.
6-months reg. $199 ... sale $99 ... save $100
12-months reg. $389 ... sale $194 ... save $195

DNA Tests
For this holiday sale all of the AncestryDNA autosomal test options are on sale.

The AncestryDNA (autosomal) test regularly $99 is on sale for $49, a savings of 50 percent or $50 dollars, with taxes and shipping extra. This offer ends November 30, 2020.

OR, The AncestryDNA (autosomal) test can be combined with a three-month World Explorer Membership for a sale price of $50 rather than a regular price of $178 with taxes and shipping extra. This offer ends November 30, 2020. BUT take note, this offer is for new and returning subscribers not for existing subscribers. And tkae note that after the initial three-month period is over the 3-month subscription will automatically renew at the regular price of $79.95. If you do not want to renew the subscription, you need to cancel the subscription at least 2 days before the renewal date by going into your account or calling customer service.

Quite a while back, introduced its AncestryDNA Personal Traits feature. Personal Traits can be added on to an existing test or purchased at the same time as an AncestryDNA test. For this sale, the AncestryDNA Personal Traits can be added to the purchase of AncestryDNA test for just $10 instead of its regular price of $20.

We have not seen if the sale price on the AncestryDNA Personal Traits add-on will be offered to those with existing AncestryDNA tests.

The AncestryHealth test now regularly $179 is on sale for $99, a savings of $80 dollars, with taxes and shipping extra. This particular offer ends December 31, 2020.

The AncestryHealth test includes the AncestryDNA test, the Personal Traits as well as actionable health and wellness reports, support from genetic counselors, and family health history tree. The tests offered by AncestryHealth are physician-ordered and are not diagnostic. The tests are not reviewed and approved by the FDA. The AncestryHealth test is not available in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Guam.

Over 18 million AncestryDNA test kits have been sold now according to reports back in July 2020 and the company facts page on the Ancestry corporate website. As the testing company with the largest "pool" of potential DNA matches it is a good place to start. 

AncestryDNA test results provide an ethnicity/admixture report, a AncestryDNA match list, shared matches, an internal member messaging system, and automatic updates to results. As well as some basic information from ThruLines which is Ancestry's replacement or next generation of New Ancestor Discoveries and DNA Circles. See the chart below.

Be aware that with an active paid subscription to Ancestry, there is fuller access to some DNA features such as all available information about people is shown in ThruLines; Matches' public family trees are viewable instead of just a preview of five generations; and up to seven generations of surnames instead of up to five surnames are shown for direct ancestor surnames from your matches' trees.

From, a look at AncestryDNA with and without a data membership/subscription.

Access to these extra features end if you discontinue your data subscription. Some of these extra features require a public family tree linked to the AncestryDNA kit.

AncestryDNA Traits now gives a look at 26 personal traits. These traits are:  Birth Weight, Facial Hair Thickness, Omega-3, Photic Sneeze Reflex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitaman E, Wisdom Teeth,
Asparagus Metabolite Detection, Bitter Sensitivity, Cilantro Aversion, Cleft Chin, Earlobe Shape, Earwax Type,
Eye Color, Finger Length, Freckles, Hair Color, Hair Strand Thickness, Hair Type, Iris Patterns, Male Hair Loss, Savory (Umami) Sensitivity, Skin Pigmentation, Sweet Sensitivity, and Unibrow. More traits may be available in the future at an additional cost. There may still be a Compare Feature and Around the World Feature.


AncestryDNA is the one DNA/genealogy testing site that does not provide a chromosome browser tool which allows you to see the chromosome segments you share in common with a match which is one of the scientific ways to confirm a match is a true match and not a match by chance. To access a chromosome browser you would need to download your kit's DNA data and upload that data to one of the three companies that do provide a chromosome browser: MyHeritageDNA, Family Tree DNA, and the third-party website.

We are not sure if the FREESHIPDNA code will work on the Ancestry website with this sale but it does not hurt to try it. 

Want to save on shipping costs? Remember AncestryDNA also sells its test kits on and often at sale prices when it is having a sale. For this sale, as of now when this post was written the AncestryDNA test is listed at $59 while the AncestryDNA+Traits is also listed at the same price of $59 and the AncestryDNA+Traits+Health is listed at $99. So, this time the sale price on the Amazon website is as good as the Ancestry website deal or a bit better because shipping is free. Amazon Non-AmazonPrime members get free shipping due to the total cost and because it is fulfilled by Amazon while AmazonPrime members just get quicker 2-day shipping for free. But be cautious and make sure the test kit you are buying is "sold by AncestryDNAOfficial and fulfilled by Amazon" to insure you are buying a genuine test kit. You will find this information just below the price. See the image below.

Look for this before adding your item to your cart.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Black Friday Sale Now Until November 27; MyHeritage DNA Now $39 -- Lowest Price


MyHeritage has started its Black Friday DNA Sale. The MyHeritageDNA (autosomal) tests regularly $79 each are on sale for just $39 each plus taxes and shipping.
This is the lowest price ever and it does not come around often. This test is sometimes referred to now as the MyHeritageDNA Ancestry Only test. Orders of two or more DNA kits receive free shipping. This sale ends on November 27, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. The MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry test does not appear to be on sale.

See, we told you in our last post on MyHeritage DNA that there will be more sales.

MyHeritageDNA's customer base seems to be more international. The test includes free internal member messaging feature, an ethnicity/admixture report, and of course, a list of DNA matches. No data subscription is needed to use/see all the DNA matching features. Additional features include a chromosome browser and the automatic DNA AutoClusters tool. And with test results linked to a family tree on MyHeritage the Theory of Family Relativity feature can scan the linked trees and create theories of the tested individuals are related using both DNA and linked trees.

MyHeritage is one of the few genealogy/DNA testing companies that accepts DNA data uploads/transfers from other genealogy/DNA testing companies. The initial upload is free and you get unlimited access to see and contact your DNA matches at MyHeritage. Unlocking additional DNA features (chromosome browser, ethnicity estimate, shared ancestral places, trees/Theory of Relativity, and Auto Clusters, etc.) costs an extra fee which was $29 for each kit that last we saw. So the sale price of $49 mentioned above for direct test/provide spit Ancestry Only test is a good price.

As a reminder, MyHeritageDNA also sells its test kits on and often at sale prices when it is having a sale. However, for this sale the price on Amazon is the regular price so the better deal is from the MyHeritage website. BUT remember when you do find a sale price at Amazon make sure the seller shown is MyHeritage fulfilled by Amazon and not sold by a third-party unauthorized seller. Non-Amazon Prime members get free shipping due to the total cost and because it is fulfilled by Amazon; prime members just get quicker 2-day shipping for free.

Look for this before adding your item to your cart.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Macomb County, Michigan, Now has Digitized Newspapers: One is Online Now, Two Require Patience and Wait for Access

Hey, Macomb County Researchers we have some news to share with you about digitized newspapers.

While the counties around us have been getting their historical newspapers digitized here and there, for the longest time there was no digitized historical newspaper for Macomb County. That is actually starting to change a bit. But some patience is required.

The Utica Sentinel

After coming in second twice for the Michigan Digital Newspaper Grant program through Clarke Historical Library, in 2019 the Utica Heritage Association paid to have the earlier years of The Utica Sentinel digitized -- some surviving editions from 1870 and 1876 along with the surviving editions from 1879 to 1906.

Unfortunately, one of Macomb County's first digitized historical newspapers is still trying to make its way online thus patience is needed until this can be made to happen. COVID-19 has slowed this process. We thought we would let you know that there is some light on the horizon.

The Romeo Observer

Another Macomb County's first historical newspapers being digitized is The Romeo Observer. This one is being done in-house at The Romeo Community Archives from the original newspapers which now reside in the archives. The plan is the digitized newspapers will be available at the archives with some possible costs. (We have a profile on The Romeo Community Archives that we will post closer to when the area's libraries and archives are set to open once again.)

Mt. Clemens newspapers from 1940 to 1945

Today, it was discovered by one of our favorite library's retired staff members that editions of the Mount Clemens Daily Monitor (1941-1942) and Mount Clemens Daily Monitor Leader (1942-1945) covering the World War II years have been digitized and are available on Chronicling America. This is a very recent addition to Chronicling America because these newspapers are not yet searchable as other Chronicling America newspapers are on, MyHeritage Newspaper collection, or the newspaper search website.

Don't get too excited because we have not heard anything regarding any other years (and there are many) of any other Mount Clemens newspapers being digitized.

But being able to play around with the five years that are digitally available really makes a researcher dream and wish for the complete run to be digitized some day ... over the rainbow .. so one can find those little bits besides obituaries that can be oh, so interesting.

So how about some search tips for using Chronicling America?

To restrain your search to a specific state, or to one specific newspaper or just a few specific states or newspapers use the Advanced Search tab. Note that newspapers with different titles/mastheads over the years may actually be listed as separate newspapers in this database. Such as the case for the two Mount Clemens newspapers mentioned above.

In the Advanced Search tab, to restrain the search to just one newspaper title or specific newspaper titles use just the Select Newspaper column. For one newspaper title, scroll thru the list to find the desired newspaper. Even if the city/location is part of the newspaper title/masthead the city/location is not listed as part of the title/masthead in this list. Instead you will find the city/location listed in parentheses after the remainder of the title/masthead. So for the Mount Clemens newspapers mentioned above look under "daily" instead of "Mount Clemens."
  • To select one newspaper title just use: left-mouse click to select.
  • To select multiple newspaper titles directly next to one another in the list use: shift+left-mouse click to do the selection.
  • To select multiple newspaper titles not directly next to one another in the list use: control+left-mouse click.

If desired, adjust the time frame searched using the years or date range options. Enter your other search parameters (like your surnames) using the search boxes titled: with any of the words; with all of the words; with the phrase; or with the words within the desired number of words with each other. Remember the more you enter the more narrowed your search results become.

Advanced Search of two newspaper titles/mastheads.

In the Advanced Search tab, to restrain the search to one state select the desired state from the Select State column.
Use the same selection methods (left-mouse click, shift+left-mouse click, control+left-mouse click) to select one or more states from the list.
This will search all newspapers for the particular state(s) selected for the search.

If desired, adjust the time frame searched using the years or date range options. Enter your other search parameters (like your surnames) using the search boxes titled: with any of the words; with all of the words; with the phrase; or with the words within the desired number of words with each other. Remember the more you enter the more narrowed your search results become.

With either search type, on the Search Results page you can change the view from 20 to 50 results per page. In the light-blue bar above the results newspaper thumbnails, you will see how many hit results you received. The results view can be viewed in Gallery or List format. The advantage of the Gallery thumbnails view is you will see your search parameter (such as surnames) highlighted on the thumbnail page image. Results can also be sorted by State, Title or Date. Too many results? Go back and refine/narrow your search.

Overall, remember that the search engine will ignore common words such as and, not, the. The case of letters is ignored such as Civil and civil. Diacritic characters produce inaccurate results so just use the plain character such as ΓΌ use u. The search engine will include word variants (stemming) such as house, houses, housing. Lastly, remember to use the language of the time period. Today, we say gas station or service station whereas an historic usage is filling station. More help can be found on the Chronicling America Help page.

Good Luck with your searching!

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

New Genealogy News: Temporary Free Remote Access to Ancestry Library Edition Now Extended to March 2021

Once again on the one hand we can consider this good news but on the other ... well, it may not be so comforting. So, let us focus on the positive aspect of this. Recently, it was announced that the temporary free remote access of Ancestry Library Edition, thanks to its providers ProQuest and, has been extended until March 2021. As we have said before, according to ProQuest this temporary remote access will be re-evaluated monthly.

This resource is accessible via the website of the library that issued your library card if that library has a library subscription to Ancestry Library Edition and that library's website setup meets certain requirements and the library has requested this temporary remote access.

So, we patrons of the Suburban Library Cooperative libraries and many other library systems across the United States and Canada can continue to keep on researching while we stay safe to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

You can access Ancestry Library Edition by signing into the website of the library that issued your library card and then clicking the link to Ancestry Library Edition. You will be taken to the Ancestry Library Edition home page and from there you can search to your heart's content.

Ancestry Library Edition has no personalized features so among other things you can not access while using it is your personal Ancestry online tree nor can you link records to it if you have one. Regardless of whether you have an online tree or tree in a genealogy program on your computer, you will need to remember to download your record image finds with their source information and add them to your genealogy trees manually so you have access to that information in the future. 

To compliment this online resource, remember that on our Macomb County Genealogy Group YouTube channel we have a informational video, An Overview of Ancestry Library Edition. After explaining the differences between Ancestry Library Edition and a personal home subscription, we walk you around the Ancestry Library Edition website and some different ways to start searching for your ancestors.

We hope you are able to utilize this genealogy resource (Ancestry Library Edition) and learn something new about your ancestors.

If you need help starting genealogy see our MCGG Beginner's Packet for Family Research on our Research Help page.

Remember to have fun researching your ancestors everyone. And stay safe.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Our MCGG and Let's Talk...Genealogy Virtual Meeting is Tomorrow at 7 p.m.

It is just about that time again! Tomorrow is our next MCGG and Let's Talk...Genealogy groups combined virtual meeting Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at 7 p.m. using Zoom Meeting. The topic of the meeting is  ... Where Do I Go from Here?

Bring research questions, brick walls, or new finds to share with the group! Let's share our challenges, maybe someone will have an idea to solve them.

MCGG members on the mailing list will receive the Zoom Meeting invite in the reminder email to be sent prior to the meeting. New attendees can obtain the invite link using the Library Events calendar on the website of the Mount Clemens Public Library. 

New attendees are always welcome.

See you soon at the Mt. Clemens Public Library!