Monday, July 16, 2018

It is Amazon Prime Day Jul 16, 2018 -- This Year there are 36 Hours of Savings

Today at 3 p.m. E.T. was the start of 2018's Amazon Prime Day. This year it is 36 hours of savings. Of course, like we mentioned in our annual reminder to use back-to-school sales to restock your genealogy supplies, do your research and make sure the deal you are getting is really a deal.

For some savings you do not have to be a Prime member to get the savings. For instance, there is a code PRIMEBOOKS18 to get $5 off a $20 or more print book purchase sold and fulfilled by Amazon and if those books qualify you can get free shipping too! But for some savings you do have to be an Amazon Prime member. For instance, a 23andMe Ancestry+Health DNA test for 50% off with free shipping is currently one of the Prime Day Deals for Prime Members Only. You can start a trial Prime Membership for thirty days for free but if you don't want the membership remember to cancel it before you are charged membership fee.

From electronics to genealogy books there are a lot of sales.

BUT also remember that other websites often run sales themselves on their own websites while Amazon Prime Day is taking place. For instance, is running a Flash DNA sale until July 18. The MyHeritageDNA (autosomal DNA) test, regularly $99, is currently just $59 plus taxes and shipping. That is just one genealogy-related sale, there are likely more sales. The website is one place to look for lists of other genealogy sales.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

NEHGS's Offers Free Access July 10-17, 2018 website is offering free access to all its databases from July 10 until July 17, 2018. There's about a billion records waiting for you!

To access the free databases at the New England Historic Genealogical Society's website simply create a free guest user account if you do not already have one. If you already have a guest user account or are an NEGHS member, simply sign into your account. 

Year-round registered guest users get access to a limited suite of databases; access to webinars, how-to videos and downloads; and can make purchases from the online store. Did you know that guest users also get free access to other new databases for the first 30 days that database is online? There are lots of great reasons to register as a guest user or become a member of the NEHGS society.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Take Inventory: Back-to-School Sales are ... Restock Your Genealogy Supply Sales!

It's time for our annual reminder ...
Back-to-School Sales on school supplies are not just for kids! These sales are for genealogists too! 

Just a few of the many supplies a genealogist would use.
Anyone who uses a lot of common office supplies should keep their eyes and ears open for some extreme savings that are only around this time year for certain supplies. So be smart and pay attention to those Back-to-School Sales going on for the next couple months so you can partake in the savings too. 

What would interest a genealogist? The first things that come to mind are USB drives (large sizes at great prices and small sizes at even better prices); printer/copier paper; pens and pencils; pencil lead (for those mechanical pencils); highlighters; file folders or pocket folders; paper and binder clips; index cards for those that like old school ways; plastic file boxes (keep that water damage away); sticky notes; binders; paper; computer accessories (like mice, computer bags, external hard drives, printers, software, large monitors, and more); etc. Even office desks and chairs can be found on sale. 

Yes, for some things it is best to make sure you get acid-free versions, but that can get expensive and sometimes compromises must be made. Note acid-free copier/printer paper is easier to find nowadays. 

Also, at about this time of year (July/August/September) computer manufacturers are about to release their new models so good to great prices can often be found on this past year's models. (If your computer is really old and can not upgrade to Windows 10 because of old hardware or low-memory issues consider these sales.) Just remember to get as large of hard drive and as much memory as you are able to afford, and keep an eye on processor speed/power. There are other factors to consider when buying a computer -- these are three key ones. While desktop computers are a little less expensive, laptops have the advantage of portability meaning you can take them with you to the library or researching. Laptops with DVD/CD readers/burners are getting harder to find but you can find them.

Lastly for those who shop Amazon. Amazon Prime Day is around the corner some day likely in July or August (it changes every year.) Great deals can be found so keep an eye out for those short term deals but remember to do your due diligence and make sure your sale price is indeed a good one. If you are not an Amazon Prime member you can start a free month trial (yes even on Prime Day) to take advantage of the benefits but remember to cancel before the renew date if you do not want to continue the membership.

May you find the deals on what you need, not on what you don't need. 

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! 

Free Access July 3 to 8 to MyHeritage's United States Newspapers Collection

According to the blog, in honor of the July 4th holiday from now until July 8, MyHeritage is giving free access to all of its US Newspapers collection on MyHeritage's SuperSearch.

Here is the link that takes you straight to the Newspaper search on MyHeritage's SuperSearch. Remember no data subscription or trial subscription is required so just click on the newspaper titles or the thumbnail-size image of the newspaper in your results list to see the newspaper page.

The U.S. Newspaper collection currently holds newspapers from the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Kentucky, Indiana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. In addition to the newspaper collections organized by state, we are also providing free access to Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, 1836-1922 collection. This collection encompasses 10,186,650 pages drawn from newspapers throughout the entire United States from 1836-1922.
Note: We tested this free access finding a few of the  results (but not all) originating from Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers 1836-1922 collection which are MyHeritage links to that collection on the Library of Congress' Chronicling America website did not show the newspaper but resulted in a 502 bad gateway error. If these links that error do not get fixed during the free access period, you can always go directly to the Chronicling America site and drill down to that particular newspaper page yourself as a work around.

Have fun searching and stay safe for the holiday.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

July 4th Sale of AncestryDNA for $69 and 40% off Ancestry Data Memberships too

Ancestry is having a short sale this holiday with two products on sale for July 3 and July 4 only.
Have you been wanting or thinking of an data subscription membership? Ancestry has put its 1-month or 6-month data memberships for new susbscribers only on sale for 40 percent off until July 4, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Subscriptions are auto-renewing for regular prices so remember to cancel at least two days before the renewal date if you decide not to renew your subscription.

Monthly subscriptions are billed each month and 6-month subscriptions are billed every 6 months. Longer term subscriptions generally save you money over month-to-month terms. For example, at regular prices a 6-month US Discovery subscription saves you $20.94 more than paying for six 1-month subscriptions. At sale prices, you would save $52.94 because only the first subscription term (the first month for the Monthly term) is at sale price. If you only want a month, get the monthly term. If think you want more than one month, get the 6-month term.

Subscriptions on sale are:
US Discovery:
United States records only
Monthly subscription on sale for $11.99, regularly $19.99
6-Month subscription on sale for $59, regularly $99

World Explorer:
US and all world/international records
Monthly subscription on sale for $20.99, regularly $34.99
6-Month subscription on sale for $89, regularly $149

All Access:
Access to Ancestry and Fold3, and basic access to
Monthly subscription on sale for $26.99, regularly $44.99
6-Month subscription on sale for $119, regularly $199

In addition, Ancestry has put its autosomal DNA test, AncestryDNA, on sale for the July 4th holiday. Regularly $99, the autosomal DNA test is now just $69 plus taxes and shipping until July 4, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

AncestryDNA without a data/records membership subscription provides an ethnicity estimate, migrations, DNA matches, contacting matches, automatic updates to results, and shared matches. AncestryDNA with a data/records membership subscription also gives you New Ancestor Discoveries, DNA Circles, Shared Ancestor Hints, Full access to matches' public trees, List of surnames in matches' trees, and list of birth locations in matches' trees. AncestryDNA does not provide a chromosome browser tool.
Don't have an Ancestry data/records subscription? Ancestry offers an AncestryDNA Insights subscription for about $59/year which would give access to all of the DNA tools but not any data/records but you must call's customer service to request the AncestryDNA Insights subscription.

We are not sure if the FREESHIPDNA code will work with this sale but it does not hurt to try it.

Remember, AncestryDNA also sells its test kits on usually at sale prices when it is having a sale. (Non-AmazonPrime members get free shipping due to the total cost and because it is fulfilled by Amazon; prime members just get quicker 2-day shipping for free.) However, for this sale the price of an AncestryDNA kit on Amazon is $99.00 which is regular price and more than the sale price at Ancestry's website. So save money by buying it directly from the website for this sale. But double-check before purchasing just in case the price lowers on the Amazon website.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Free Access to Fold3's Revolutionary War Collection from July 1 until July 15 is giving free access to its Revolutionary War Collection from July 1 until July 15, 2017.

You will need a basic Fold3 membership. If you do not already have one, just register for a basic Fold3 membership which is free with no credit card required. If you already have a free Fold3 basic membership, just sign into the website. (You do not need to sign up for a 7-day free trial which requires a credit card.) 

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

MyHeritageDNA on sale for 4th of July

MyHeritage has put its autosomal DNA test on sale for Independence Day. MyHeritageDNA (autosomal) tests regularly $99 each are on sale for $59 each until July 4, 2018. Shipping and taxes are extra.

MyHeritageDNA is one of the newer players in the DNA and genealogy testing niche. Its customer base is more international. As of earlier this year, the company has added a chromosome browser feature and has made its internal member messaging feature free. It also offers an ethnicity/admixture report and a list of DNA matches. No data subscription is needed to see/use all the DNA matching features.

MyHeritageDNA is still offering free DNA transfers so if you already tested at another DNA testing company you can download your RAW DNA data from that site and upload it to MyHeritage. MyHeritageDNA accepts raw DNA data from Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA (V1 and V2 version chips), and 23andMe (V2, V3 and V4 chips.)

MyHeritageDNA can also be found on sold and shipped by Amazon. But at this time the current price (as of today) is similar to the regular price and not the sale price. Non-AmazonPrime members get free shipping due to the total cost and because it is fulfilled by Amazon; prime members just get quicker 2-day shipping for free. So for this sale it is cheaper to buy it directly from MyHeritage and not thru Amazon.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!