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the Macomb County Genealogy Group

MCGG proceeds benefit the Mount Clemens Public Library's genealogical and historical collection. 

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Macomb County Genealogy Group Heritage Cookbook
Generations Past and Present: A Collection of Recipes
$10.00 each

Knight, Chase and Allied Families by Robert Whiting Knight
1987. 333 pp. Hard Cover. A well documented genealogy covering some of the descendants of Robert Knight who came to America in 1638 and settled at Marblehead, Massachusetts and some of the descendants of William Chase who came to America in 1630 and settled at Roxbury, Massachusetts and ancestries of the wives of some of their descendants. Many of the descendants settled in the Macomb County area.
$30.00 each
We also have some publications of the former Sterling Heights Genealogical and Historical Society (SHGHS) available for purchase.
Transcription of Sterling Grove Cemetery
A transcription of the Lutheran cemetery located on Saul Road between Clinton River and 19 Mile Roads in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
$5.00 each

The Monforte Letters: Correspondence of Historical Interest 1837-1919
Over 300 pages, including index. "Includes randomly selected copies of original letters with photos and pedigree charts."

Written more than a century ago, The Monforte Letters is a collection of letters written amongst family and friends from 1837-1919. The letters, originally kept by Harriet Monforte and her eldest daughter, Martha “Mattie” Monforte Andrews, were felt to be important enough to be treasured by succeeding generations. The Monfortes were not wealthy or noted, but surely give us a glimpse into the daily lives of ordinary people of the times.

Some Often Mentioned Surnames: Volckman, Rogers, Monforte, Moore, Hill, Andrews, Bath, Burchard, Cure, Darbee, Dicken, Dunlop, Farnsworth, Fenton, Gee, Grojer, Harlow, Humphrey, Jefferson, Jenkins, Kents, Kidder, Lahr, Morey, Pixley, Taylor, Tucker, Williams, Wilson

Some Locations Mentioned: Buffalo, NY; Cowlesville, NY; Darien, NY; Bridgewater, NY; Brant, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Kirkland, NY; Rochester, NY; Winfield, KA; Augusta, KA; Kenosha, WI; Salem, MA; Sparta, PA; New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA; Summit Mines, CO; Dixie, OK territory; Cleveland, OK; Tusla, OK; St. Joseph, MO.

The letters were transcribed and printed generally as written without any correction of spelling or punctuation keeping to original as much as possible, however, some sentence periods and new paragraphs were added when needed for clarity.
$30.00 each