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Macomb Genealogy Research Service 
Macomb County Genealogy Group (MCGG) volunteers perform research to benefit the Local History and Genealogy Room of the Mount Clemens Public Library. To learn more please see the details at the library's website page, Macomb Genealogy Research Service.

Are you just beginning your family history adventure? 
MCGG has created and maintained a Beginner's Kit for Family Research. In past years, the complete Beginner's Kit was only available in printed form when visiting our favorite library. (Some of the kit's pages were available on the library's old website.) With a bit of tweaking we are now able to make the complete MCGG Beginner's Kit available here with links to some extras.

Note: if your printer supports duplex (double-sided) printing you can save some paper by printing on both sides. Also although some of these pages have items in color you do not have to print the documents in color. They will print perfectly fine in grayscale only too. 

MCGG Beginner's Kit for Family Research

MCGG Family Group Sheet

MCGG Pedigree/Ancestral Chart

MCGG Relationship Chart

We are providing three versions of the following Simple Research Log and Simple Source Log. Use the PDF if you simply want a printed form to write on with pencil or pen. Use either the Word document file or Excel spreadsheet file if you want to keep your logs electronically on your computer. Don't worry the three versions contain exactly the same information. Just pick the file format you need.

MCGG Simple Research Log _ Print version (PDF)
MCGG Simple Research Log _ Electronic version (Word File)
MCGG Simple Research Log _ Electronic version (Excel File)

MCGG Simple Source Log _ Print version (PDF)
MCGG Simple Source Log _ Electronic version (Word File)
MCGG Simple Source Log _ Electronic version (Excel File)

Census Forms (So you can read those column headers and know what question was being answered.) This link to's census forms covers all years of the U.S. Federal Census, U.K. Census, and Canadian Census.

A lot of other different forms can be found out there on the internet. Most are in PDF -- Portable Document Format. Some are type-able (use your computer to fill them in and save the file) in PDF, word-processing file, or spreadsheet format. But most are not and are simply for printing and filling in with pencil or pen.

The website Cyndislist has a whole category on Organizing Your Research that includes many links to a variety of forms and charts genealogists find helpful. Forms vary by creator so explore and pick the one that works for you. If you use a genealogy program, most of them will print filled-in or blank family group sheets and pedigree/ancestral charts for you as well as other types of forms.

If you are a beginner, do not forget to visit MCPL's Local History and Genealogy Room when a volunteer is available to help and answer your questions.

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