Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Late Reminder: SCCGHS Hebner Family Memorial Seminar is This Saturday

This Saturday, October 1, 2022, is the Hebner Family Memorial Seminar put on by the Saint Clair County Genealogical and Historical Society and St. Clair County Library -- Michigan Room.

The seminar will take place in the Donald E. Dodge Auditorium (across the street from the main library branch on Grand River Ave in the Saint Clair County Administration Building.)

Programs offered will help you uncover your past and develop genealogy research skills. Check-in begins at 9:15 a.m.

Topics include Beginning Genealogy; Our People were Farmers: Farming in Michigan Background and Resources; Researching Your Family's History at the Archives of Michigan with Kris Rzepczynski from the Archives of Michigan; and either a Walking Tour of Port Huron with Andrew Kercher of the Port Huron Museum; a Blue Water Area Transit Trolley Tour or Blue Water Area Museum Visits.

Registration is requested. See the library website.

See you someday soon at our favorite library.

MCGG Members to Present Across USA

We thought we would take a moment to tell you about a couple of our members who are speaking across the country.

On Saturday, October 8, 2002, MCGG Member Dara Tolbert Brooks is presenting for the Genealogical Society of Sarasota (Florida) on Medical Care and Child Birth in the Segregated South (Moments from Rural Families) focusing on the lives of those from her own lineage and the stories that were passed down. Unfortunately though non-members can attend in person, the Zoom link is for GSS members only. MCGG sends Dara great presentation thoughts.

On November 1, 2022, at 7 p.m., MCGG Member Donald Batkins is presenting over Zoom for the Plymouth District Public Library on Grand Army of the Republic in Detroit, 1891. The GAR was a Union Army Civil war veterans organization created in 1866. The organization was revitalized in the late 1870s and continued into the 1940s. In 1891, the GAR held their 25th National Encampment (convention) in Detroit. This program focuses on that 1891 encampment, illustrated with period photos and illustrations. The talk ends with a short discussion of the final encampment in 1949. That encampment was held in Indianapolis, where the organization began. The event is free but registration is required.

If we missed any other MCGG members' activities we apologize. Remember to let us know if you are presenting anywhere.

See you someday soon at our favorite library!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Free Access to the Newspaper Archives at FindMyPast in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II, Find My Past is giving free access to its newspaper archives during this time of national mourning. From Friday, September 16, to Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the FindMyPast Newspaper Archives will be free of charge.

See the access landing page for details. Simply sign up or log in.

See you some day soon at our favorite library.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

MCGG's Fall 2022 Genealogy Season Begins Wed., Sept. 14 at 7 pm: Join Us!

Next week is our first MCGG meeting for the Fall 2022 season.

Yes, due to delays in the library's renovation we will need to meet virtually once (hopefully no more than twice) again. The MCGG Board has decided to delay the release of our Fall 2022 schedule until we learn more about when the renovation of Mount Clemens Public Library will be completed and we can meet in person again at our favorite library. 

Please, bear with us and be patient.  

Our MCGG and Let's Talk...Genealogy groups combined virtual meeting is Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 7 p.m. using Zoom Meeting. The topic of the meeting is Getting the Most out of Michiganology.org presented by MCGG Member Lisa Eschenburg who will give you numerous tips and tricks to help you relocate digital collections previously on the Archives of Michigan's old SeekingMichigan website and how to best search them on it's replacement Michiganology.org website.

MCGG members on the mailing list will receive the Zoom Meeting invite in the reminder email to be sent prior to the meeting. New attendees can obtain the invite link closer to the event date using the Library Events calendar on the website of the Mount Clemens Public Library.  

See you soon someday at our favorite library!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Fall Sale: Archion.de 3-Month or 1-Year Passes on Sale from Sept. 1 thru 9, 2022

It's the Fall Sale at Archion.de website! From today, Sept. 1, 2022, through Friday,
Sept. 9, 2022, the Archion.de website is having sale on 3-month or 1-year passes.

If you have ancestors from Germany who were Evangelische in religion, you may have heard of the Archion.de website. It was founded in 2016 by the Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland with eleven regional Evangelische churches. The website has continued to grow through the years and as of earlier this year has over 125,000 church books digitized and now 23 partner archives which include primarily protestant archives as well as archives of dioceses, states, towns and associations. Newly added are church books for the church district of Lauenburg and the city of Lübeck.

Passes -- Paid-Access starting from time of purchase.

3-Month Pass is regularly €52.20 now on sale for €41.75 including VAT
This pass allows an individual user to access the digital church book archive for three months (90 days) starting from the date of subscription, as well as up to 150 image
(PDF) downloads.

1-Year Pass is regularly €178.80 now on sale for €143 including VAT
This pass allows an individual user to access the digital church book archive for one year (365 days) starting from the date of subscription, as well as up to 600 image
(PDF) downloads.

At this time, vouchers or coupons are not on sale. Vouchers/Coupons allow an individual user to access the digital church book archive for period purchased starting from the date of redemption by the recipient. You have two years to activate a voucher/coupon. (Vouchers are usually on sale during the December/Holiday sale.)

You must create an account prior to making a purchase. Or be logged in with an existing account. Purchases can be made using a credit card or PayPal. Passes and Vouchers do not automatically renew.

The Archion website is in German with some English translated website pages. You are able to browse the contents of the website for free meaning what is available. Uploaded digitized church books are shaded in green. If a location or book is not shaded in green than it is not yet uploaded. The forum boards are also free but you must be logged into the website and have the site in German (DE.)

The church books are organized first by the regional holding archive and the regional division and the parish location where you can then see what records types and time periods are available. At this time the digitized church records are mostly NOT electronically indexed so this is a browse and manually search like you would have done in the days of microfilm. And yes, the record images are in German in that old Schrift handwriting for the most part.

Here is a relatively current list of the provinces and archives included on the Archion.de website. Church books are added daily. Generally, in batches from three or so different archives each month. The monthly email newsletter usually informs what was recently added, what is currently being added, and what will be added next.

Abroad and Nationally
  • Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin
  • Mennonite Research Center
  • Baden Wurttemberg
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv Karlsruhe
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart
  • Diözesanarchiv Rottenburg
  • Erzbischöfliches Archiv Freiburg
  • Stadtarchiv Reutlingen
  • Stadtarchiv Ulm



  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Bayern
  • Archiv des Bistums Augsburg
  • Archiv des Bistums Passau
  • Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg
  • Archiv des Erzbistums München und Freising
  • Bischöfliches Zentralarchiv Regensburg
  • Diözesanarchiv Eichstätt
  • Diözesanarchiv Würzburg

Berlin / Brandenburg
  • Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin
  • Evangelisches Landeskirchliches Archiv in Berlin
  • Archiv des Katholischen Militärbischofs für die Deutsche Bundeswehr
  • Diözesanarchiv Berlin



  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Norddeutschland (Kiel)


  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck
  • Zentralarchiv der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau
  • Archiv der deutschen Jugendbewegung
  • Archiv des Bistums Limburg
  • Bistumsarchiv Fulda
  • Hessisches Landesarchiv
  • Stadtarchiv Kassel
  • Universitätsbibliothek Kassel


  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Norddeutschland (Greifswald)
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Norddeutschland (Schwerin)

Lower Saxony

  • Bistumsarchiv Hildesheim
  • Archiv der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Oldenburg
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-luth. Landeskirche in Braunschweig
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evang.-luth. Landeskirche Hannovers

North Rhine Westphalia

  • Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland
  • Archiv der Lippischen Landeskirche
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche von Westfalen
  • Bischöfliches Diözesanarchiv Aachen
  • Bistumsarchiv Essen
  • Erzbistumsarchiv Paderborn
  • Fliedner-Kulturstiftung Kaiserswerth
  • Historisches Archiv des Erzbistums Köln

Rhineland Palatinate

  • Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland
  • Landesarchiv Speyer
  • Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz
  • Zentralarchiv der Evangelischen Kirche der Pfalz
  • Archiv der Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim (Mutterhausarchiv)
  • Bibliothek St. German
  • Bistumsarchiv Trier
  • Bistumsarchiv Speyer
  • Dom- und Diözesanarchiv Mainz
  • Institut für pfälzische Geschichte und Volkskunde
  • Stadtarchiv Speyer
  • Stadtarchiv Worms
  • Universitätsarchiv Mainz


  • Zentralarchiv der Evangelischen Kirche der Pfalz
  • Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland
  • Universitätsarchiv Saarbrücken



  • Landeskirchenarchiv der Evang.-Luth. Landeskirche Sachsens
  • Bistumsarchiv Görlitz
  • Diözesanarchiv des Bistums Dresden-Meißen
  • Sächsisches Staatsarchiv (Staatsarchiv Leipzig)


Saxony Anhalt

  • Landeskirchenarchiv Magdeburg
  • Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Landeskirche Anhalts
  • Bistumsarchiv Magdeburg


LE Note: Browse under the Norddeutschland: Landeskirchliches Archiv Evang.-Luth. Kirche where some Kirchenkreis are listed for Dithmarschen; Hamburg-West Südholstein; Nordfriesland; Ostholstein, Rantzau-Münsterdorf; Rendsburg-Eckernförde; Schleswig-Flensburg, and now Lauenburg-Lübeck.


  • Landeskirchenarchiv Eisenach
  • Bistumsarchiv Erfurt


See you soon (some day) at our favorite library!

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Reminder: Genealogy Learning for Beginners and Scanning Party on Tues., Aug. 16th at Harrison Twp Public Library

Here is a reminder:

New to genealogy? Have questions about genealogy aka family history? Do you have any family photos that you would like a high, quality scans of?

The Harrison Township Public Library and Macomb County Genealogy Group are joining together for Steps to Start Your Family Tree! -- an introductory course and photo scanning party on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

MCGG Chairperson Lisa Eschenburg will overview a variety of resources with tips that almost anyone can use to get started researching their ancestors and then open it up to attendees for questions and help from MCGG volunteers. While you learn from the local experts, Harrison Township library staff will scan high resolution archival copies of up to four of your family photos or documents. Please bring an USB thumb drive to save your digital files. Image sizes are limited to 8 inches x 10 inches or smaller, and up to 3 images per person. 
Register for the event at the Library's Events Calendar Page. The Harrison Township Public Library is located at 38255 L'Anse Creuse St, Suite A, Harrison Twp, MI 48045.

See you soon some day soon at our favorite library!

Friday, August 12, 2022

News from Software MacKiev on Its Staff, and an Free Update for FTM2019

Are you a Family Tree Maker user? If you have not already received a Family Tree Maker News email from Software MacKiev then keep an eye out for one if you are on its email list. We received one last night. Remember MacKiev sends its emails out in batches to avoid being dumped into email spam folders; check your spam folder just in case.

It is titled, Greetings from Ukraine -- Family Tree Maker News. Hopefully, all of our readers are already aware that Software MacKiev is based in Kiev, Ukraine. And, that Ukraine is defending itself in a war for the past six months.

The News email gives a link to read stories of the lives of various staff members for the past six months; announced that 10% of sales in the Update Center this week will be donated to Voices of Children to help Ukrainian kids; and hints a little that they've created a refuge for staff and extended family members in an effort to be safer from the war.

And that there is now a free update to Family Tree Maker 2019, called Family Tree Maker 2019 ver. 24.1. Here is a link to the summary of what is included in the free update. Also, note that as part of the update TreeVault will now include media backup.

BUT, take note if you use either of the plug-ins: Family Book Creator and Charting Companion. You might want to wait to deploy the 24.1 free update until the makers of each plug-in confirm that the latest version of their respective plug-in works with the new FTM2019 version. Or if they will have to create and release an update as well.

Stayed tuned, we will let you know what we hear.

See you some day soon at our favorite library!