Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hi Everyone -- Welcome to Our 40th Year!


Can you believe summer is almost over?

For us at the Macomb County Genealogy Group it means it is time for another season/year of genealogy. And this year it is also our 40th Anniversary! 

Can you believe that?

The board has been planning throughout the summer and we hope everyone enjoys the programs we have planned and the anniversary dinner.

This year we have also added a few more ways to keep in touch with our members besides through occasional emails and our Rootsweb website (operated since 2007).

Earlier this year we joined Facebook. So if you are on Facebook, find us, friend and like us. And this month we have launched our own blog. So if you use feed reader, add us to hear it first.

These are additional tools for us to communicate with you but don't worry our occasional emails and our website on Rootsweb are not going away. (Yes, we know not everyone is on Facebook or up on all the technology out there.)

Besides now having the blog page to communicate, the blog site also repeats some of the pages (like our schedules) from our website. For the webpages not repeated on the blog pages, there are links back to our Rootsweb website.

So we hope to see you soon at our MCGG Friday Group and Let's Talk...Genealogy Wednesday evening meetings!


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  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers!!

    Regards, Grant