Wednesday, January 29, 2014

RootsTech 2014 Live Streamed Presentations Announced Today

Hi Everyone!

Today was the day that the organizers of the RootsTech 2014 history and technology conference announced which presentations would be streamed live during the conference that runs Thursday, February 6 to Saturday, February 8.

By live streaming the presentations you can "attend" the conference without leaving home and it is free.

Here is a link to the FamilySearch Blog with the announcement. It contains a list of when and what will be shown live and when.

Please remember that the times are given in Mountain Time. That means for us in the Eastern Time Zone that you need to ADD TWO HOURS to each start time. So 10:30 a.m. MST is 12:30 p.m. EST. and 5 p.m. MST is 7 p.m. EST.

The live stream portal will be added to the RootsTech website just prior to the start of the conference.

The presentations will be recorded and available at the RootsTech website for viewing later. (Last year's recorded presentations are still available as of today but will likely be removed soon in preparation for this year's conference.)

Also, the syllabus materials for all of the sessions are available for download NOW! The very first download in the list is a zip (compressed) file containing all of the handouts together in one download. You just need to uncompress/open the zip file after you download it. 

Just go to the schedule page to see what is being presented that interests you and then look through the syllabus files to see if the presenter kindly included a handout.

I hope at least one of the presentations interests you enough to watch it live or catch the recording later. But remember we have a meeting that Friday, February 7 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

See you soon at the Mt. Clemens Public Library!


NOTE: I originally posted this at 2:28 pm EST. on Wednesday, January 29, 2014.
Update: If you downloaded the zip file for all syllabus materials, you may encounter a message regarding "copy files without encryption?" while uncompressing or extracting the files. Just say yes (remember to check the box to apply for all instances) and the files/folders will extract. Inside the "allsessions" folder are two folders: one is for PC users and one is for Mac users. If you are not using a Macintosh computer, you can delete/trash the entire folder called "_MACOSX" and if you are not using a PC computer, you can delete/trash the "sessionfiles" folder. The handouts are organized by presentation session code.

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