Friday, May 2, 2014

Follow up to Friday's Meeting

We hope you enjoyed the presentation on the Suburban Library Co-Op's Digital Archive.

You can search the digital archive using the catalog of any participating library in the Co-op. To keep your search focused only on the digital archive, change the focus from "Everything" to "Local History Search."

A quick tutorial on how to search the digital archive is available on the genealogy page of the Mount Clemens Public Library's website. At the fourth bullet point down there is a "click here" to reach the tutorial.

To find similar digital archives or collections for other localities, first search for a library or archive in the locality you are seeking. Then review that library or archive's website for a link to a digital archive or collection.

One site Deborah Larsen showed at the end was, the Ontario Library Consortium. Not all Ontario counties participate at this time. But it is worth looking through. 

Also, at the end we talked about a really neat website with digitized newspapers. Fulton History is run by one man and is free though donations are accepted. At the bottom of the left-hand column, just above the crawling "spider" with a human face, is a scrolling list of links. On link takes you to a help page. Another link takes you to index of the newspapers included in the database. (At the top of the page you can download the list as a Microsoft Excel file.) There is also a link to a separate historical photos section. Here is a YouTube video about the man and his computer system behind the Fulton History website.

Have fun searching for your hidden gems!

See you soon at the Mount Clemens Public Library!


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