Wednesday, November 26, 2014

23andMe Advertises its Normal Discount on Multiple-Test Purchase Orders

Though 23andMe is not running a holiday sale, as of today it is advertising its normal discount on multiple tests purchased in the same order.

An autosomal test purchased through 23andMe costs $99. When multiple tests are purchased at the same time, you receive 20 percent off of each additional test after the first one. So test one costs $99 and tests two through however many purchased in the same order costs $79.20 each.

23andMe's test includes your ancestral composition (ethnicity mix), autosomal matching with other testers, a tree tool, a look at any neanderthal percentage, and a peek at your mtDNA (and Y-DNA if applicable) lineage/haplogroups. This company used to provide health-related genetic reports but currently only provides the uninterpreted raw DNA data.

Other things to note about 23and Me's autosomal test:
  • 23andMe does provide an autosomal chromosome browser similar to the one at FamilyTreeDNA. A chromosomal browser allows you to see where on each chromosome you match another person.
  • 23andMe does not do Y-DNA or mtDNA matching. Only FamilyTree DNA does Y-DNA and mtDNA matching. 23andMe gives you just a peek at your haplogroup type(s).
  • Raw DNA data from current 23andMe autosomal tests can not be transferred to FamilyTree DNA because a different test chip is used.

Now we just have to wait to see what kind of sale Ancestry might offer us on its autosomal test, AncestryDNA. As soon was we know, we'll let you know.

See you soon at Mt Clemens Public Library!


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