Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crabtree Presents Gift to MCGG for Mount Clemens Public Library's Genealogy Equipment Fund

Marietta Crabtree presents gift check to Robert McGarry.
Recently, Marietta Crabtree presented the Macomb County Genealogy Group with a check for the Mount Clemens Public Library genealogy equipment fund in gratitude of the help she received giving her husband one last Christmas gift.

Mrs. Crabtree decided to give her dying husband a printed book of his genealogy work. But she ran into a problem trying to print the file. So Mrs. Crabtree contacted a few organizations independently (the Michigan Genealogical Council, the Mt. Clemens Public Library and the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research.) All paths led to our chairperson Ann Faulkner and the Macomb County Genealogy Group (MCGG) which eventually led to Robert (Bob) McGarry, one of our members with some techie skills.

The effort involved a bit more than originally thought due to older genealogy software and newer operating systems but eventually McGarry found a way. It was discovered that the estimated few hundred pages was more like 7,160 pages.

Mrs. Crabtree was able to present her husband with a printed book of some of his work and the knowledge that the rest would also be printed.

MCGG extends our condolences to Mrs. Crabtree and her family; thanks her for her donation; and thanks Bob McGarry for his effort and work making this happen.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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