Friday, August 14, 2015

MCGG Meeting Topics Revealed for Fall 2015 AND MCGG is Now on Pinterest!

Hi Everyone!

We have released MCGG's Fall 2015 meeting schedules for our MCGG Friday Group and our Let's Talk...Genealogy discussion group on Wednesday.

The meeting dates and topics can be found on the respective pages of this blog site or in our Southeast Michigan Genealogy Events calendar on the Calendar page. 

On both the MCGG Friday Meetings and Let's Talk Meetings blog pages, you will find the PDF file of our current meetings flyer which can be viewed and downloaded. (Please note the image of the flyer in this post is just a low-res image. To see/download the flyer PDF you need to go to either of the meeting pages.)

NEW! And for those of you who use Pinterest, MCGG has been a member since July. Due to limitations on username length we had to abbreviate our name so finding us isn't so simple -- someone else had our initials already. You can find us on Pinterest here.

We hope you enjoy the coming genealogy season. 

See You Soon at the Mt Clemens Public Library!


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