Tuesday, November 17, 2015

December 15th is the Date the Old Ancestry format Dies

Ancestry.com has announced the death date of the "Old Ancestry" format. If you signed in recently you likely saw a splash message.

It is December 15, 2015. As of that date, the only Ancestry.com will be the "New Ancestry" format.

Detail of the Ancestry message.

Ancestry's recent message when signing in appears only once.

You can share your feedback at newancestry@ancestry.com about the change.

If you are using the Ancestry LibraryEdition at the library, it already uses the "New Ancestry" format. Personal subscriptions have had the option to switch back and forth between the old and new formats using an option located in the drop down menu that activates by hovering over your username.

This change has been discussed at some of our meetings. Many have found the new format harder to read, with less information presented on the screen at one time which results in more clicking and scrolling to get around. Some like and some dislike the changes to the online Ancestry member family trees. Ancestry has done some tweaking to its "New Ancestry" design. Hopefully a few more tweaks will happen before Old Ancestry bites the dust.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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