Thursday, June 16, 2016

Family Tree DNA Father's Day Sale on Y-DNA Bundles and Y-DNA Test Upgrades

In honor of Father's Day 2016 Family Tree DNA is having a sale on its FamilyFinder + Y-DNA bundles as well as some Y-DNA test Upgrades. The sale runs from June 16 to June 20th  at 11:59 p.m Central Time. Pricing does not include taxes and shipping which may vary by shipping distance.

These are bundled test kits (multiple tests in one) that will allow you to test one man's autosomal DNA (FamilyFinder) and Y-DNA (male Y-DNA sex chromosome). That person tested must be a male.

The Y-DNA bundled tests are:
Family Finder + Y-37 for $218 (regularly $268, save $50)
Family Finder + Y-67 for $288 (regularly $367, save $79)
Family Finder + Y-67 + mtDNAFull for $449 (regularly $566, save $117)

To see any sale pricing on Y-DNA upgrades you must sign into your test kit that already includes a Y-DNA test to see what upgrades are applicable for that test.

If you only want to test someone's autosomal DNA or just the mtDNA or Y-DNA, you will need to wait for another sale or buy the single test at full price. The next usual sale time for Family Tree DNA is in August but what goes on sale varies each year. Remember, when we see a sale on DNA testing we will let you know here.

Here is some additional information for you.

Family Tree DNA tests are done with spit swabs not a spit tube.

Autosomal DNA tests (males or females)
Autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents about equally but randomly. Due to the random nature, siblings my inherit different "pieces." That randomness means you may not get a "piece" of some ancestors. And because of that randomness, it means it is best to test as many family members as possible because you all inherited a different "mix" of autosomal DNA from your ancestors.

An autosomal DNA test will also give you show you the ethnic mixture of what you inherited. Your test matches may match you because you share a common ancestor (Identical By Descent or IBD) or because of coincidence (Identical By State or IBS.)

At Family Tree DNA an autosomal test is called FamilyFinder. (At an autosomal test is called AncestryDNA.)

Y-DNA tests (males only, father's line)
Y-DNA is the sex chromosome that determines a child is male. Y-DNA is passed/inherited directly from father to son. Occasionally a mutation in value (not physical) can occur. This test is often described as being used for paternal ancestry testing and is used for many Surname Study Groups. 

Generally, you only need to test one person for each paternal line. (If you test your Dad you don't need to test the Y-DNA of you or your siblings because you inherited the pretty much the exact same Y-DNA from him that he inherited from his father and he from his etc. (Unless there is question about paternity.) Only males can take an Y-DNA because only they possess Y-DNA. (An X chromosome from Mom and an X from Dad makes a female; an X from Mom and a Y from Dad makes a male.) Females can test a father or brother or any other direct male-to-male relative for the line they seek to test.

The only testing company doing Y-DNA testing for genealogy is Family Tree DNA.

Remember, DNA testing is a tool to help you with your genealogical research it does not replace your research in records.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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