Friday, May 26, 2017

Finding, Saving the Handouts with SCGS Jamboree 2017 App

So the 2017 SCGS Jamboree is just around the corner. Whether you are attending live in California or by live stream at home you will probably want to see the session handouts. And many will probably want to save and print them so any notes can be written directly on the handout. So how do you accomplish that?

You will need the SCGS Jamboree 2017 App to access the session handouts. As of today, many of the handouts are now available. 

The SCGS Jamboree 2017 app is made for smart phones just go to Google Play or the Apple Store (iOS), look for SCGS Jamboree 2017 and then download the app. The app can be downloaded to tablets too; under the app's settings (the cog) there is a tablet mode you can activate if you desire. There is a browser version (found here) accessible via browser on any computer for those without smart phones and tablets but you need to create a log-in to use anything more than the basic (download PDF files individually) features such as sending handouts to your email.

How do you find a session's handout? Search the conference schedule or search by speaker. To email a handout to yourself, you have to find the session you want, view the session, click on the PDF and you will be asked do you want to "open it, email it or take notes on the handout." (Note: in the browser version you can simply download the PDF at this point.) By this route, you must do this individually for each session you desire a handout. The PDF file name emailed to you will be a series of numbers and letters not the title of the session so you will likely want to rename it.

To download multiple session handouts at one time using the app on your smartphone/tablet, click on the star next to the session in the conference schedule for which you want a handout. Then go back to the App Home and then select the App's download and click the download icon. The files will que to be downloaded. They may not automatically download to your device right away so you might have to click the download icon again or on each pdf and tell it to download. Depending on your device, you might need to do this in batches such as Friday, Saturday, etc. sessions attending/watching -- just remember to un-star/bookmark the previous batch before selecting the next batch of session handouts to download.

Please note that like the RootsTech app from earlier this year, we have found this App to be troublesome on a tablet and in the browser format so exercise some patience while using it. (Apparently everyone is supposed to have a SmartPhone but in reality not everyone does.) When you are done with the App you may want to remove it from your tablet. But if you initially downloaded the handout PDFs rather than email them, before you remove the RootsTech App be sure to email those PDFs to yourself. The downloaded PDFs are stored in the Jamboree 2017 App data not in your tablet's download folder and if you delete the App you delete the PDFs.

Here's an example of where to find your downloaded session PDFs on an Android tablet: Prepare an email to yourself; click on attach files; go to My Files; go to the internal memory card (i.e. sdcard0) where apps store their data or that place on your device; go to Android folder; go to data folder; go to "com.coreapps." folder (it will be named something like that); go to files folder; then check the select boxes the PDF files you want to attach and then click done to attach your downloaded PDFs to the email; then send the email. (Tip: sort the files by date so you see the files newest to oldest downloaded.) Open the received email and save the attached files to your computer or another folder on your device. Now you will not lose the downloaded PDF files when you delete the Jamboree App.

Remember class times are listed in Pacific Time at the SCGS Jamboree website and in the Jamboree App. We are Eastern Time which is 3 hours ahead. So 8:30 am Pacific is 11:30 am Eastern. For your convenience we have listed the Live Stream Schedule on our Jamboree post using Eastern Time and have included the session numbers.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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