Sunday, November 17, 2013

Follow up - BookScan Station to be Purchased by Mt Clemens Public Library

Hi Everyone!

If you were not at the November 1st MCGG Friday meeting or if you have not visited our FaceBook page lately, then let me announce to you that the Mount Clemens Public Library will purchase the BookScan Station. Thanks to some generous donations to the library's Local History and Genealogy Room.

Bob McG...'s photo of his BookScan Station test.
Currently, the station is still in demo-mode which means you need to bring in your own USB drive to save your image/document files. (We'll announce when the station is changed to fully-functioning which will give you additional options to save your files using email and Google drive.)

Last week, MCGG member Bob McG... (our techie guy) was testing the station just hours after our first post about the station. He decided to see how it did scanning a framed certificate without taking the certificate out of the frame.
Bob McG...'s untouched scan of a framed certificate.
Bob noted that "the scan needed slight color adjustment prior to the final cropped picture I sent you.  I added 10 degrees to color temperature, and increased light tones by 7 on the tone curve in Lightroom 5.  Someone with PSE [PhotoShop Elements] could do the same corrections."
Bob McG...'s retouched scan of a framed certificate.

The scanning station is very easy to use and this new resource is available whenever the library is open. We will have some tips for using the BookScan Station in a future post.

See you soon at the Mt. Clemens Public Library.


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  1. I'm impressed. I had no idea that it would work so well inside a frame. I know that I was able to scan several packets of papers into pdf files within 5 minutes. If I had done it at home with my flat bed scanner it would have taken me 5 hours.