Monday, November 4, 2013

Follow Up to Friday's MCGG Meeting on the Roseville Family History Center

We hope you were able to make it to our November 1st Friday meeting. We had a great turnout.

David Lambert, a co-director of the Roseville Family History Center, described the resources of the Roseville FHC and gave an overview of the FamilySearch website ran by the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ (LDS/Mormon).

In the presentation David talked about several pay-sites that patrons of the Roseville FHC can access for free while at the FHC. These are sometimes referred to as portal access sites.

Today, Dick Eastman's Blog, Eastman's Online Genealogy Blog, had an announcement that new parish records were recently added to TheGenealogist website. TheGenealogist is one of the pay-sites available through the FHC's portal access.

You can see what types of records are available at TheGenealogist without having a subscription. (You can not do a search though.) On TheGenealogist homepage, scroll down until you see the "Why Subscribe?" column on the left side. Click on the arrow next to "Parish and non-conformist records" and it will take you to another page. Once there you can click on the county in the right-hand column to see what parishes are included so far. You can also click on the other subject categories and then the county to see what areas and time periods are included in those categories.

So if you have ancestors in the United Kingdom and TheGenealogist website covers the area you need, you might want to visit the Roseville FHC and investigate this website.



  1. I am excited - I saw that TheGenealogist has added records from Lincolnshire & Rutland. I am going to have to get down to the Roseville FHC soon.

  2. I was hoping for some specific parishes in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire but alas they are not there yet. Maybe I'll get lucky with some of the other parishes in the those counties. Adding this to my To Do List when visiting the FHC.