Monday, March 10, 2014

'Your Tallest Brick Wall' is the topic for this Wednesday's Let's Talk....Genealogy

This Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Genealogy/Local History Room of the Mount Clemens Public Library is MCGG's Let's Talk...Genealogy meeting. The discussion topic of the night is Your Tallest Brick Wall. Tell other attendees your brick wall problem and hopefully they might have some suggestions of what to do to solve it.

Also, the topic of Let's Talk...Genealogy's April meeting will be Back to Basics: How to Record Sources 2.0 where we'll revisit sourcing/citing our genealogy.

With April's topic in mind, last Friday Legacy Family Tree through its Family Tree Webinars site held a webinar entitled, Sources and Citations Made Simple, Standard and Powerful. Though the webinar does show/focus on the sourcing tools in Legacy Family Tree software, a lot of the principles of sourcing and citation that are covered can be applied to whatever genealogy program you use. It appears this webinar will remain free and there is a free syllabus available.

See you soon at the Mt. Clemens Public Library!


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