Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ancestry extends Retirement Date to September 30, 2014

To correct an mysterious text problem, I had to update this post original made on Tuesday, July1, 2014 at 1:58 p.m. EDT. Sorry for any confusion.

Ancestry.com made the following announcement about two (or now three) hours ago on its Facebook and Blog page.

UPDATE July 1, 2014: Due to recent site issues, we will be extending the period that MyFamily, MyCanvas, Genealogy.com, Mundia, and the Y-DNA and mtDNA websites will be available. These sites will now retire on September 30, 2014. An email will be sent to all customers accordingly.

The original retirement date was September 5, 2014, but the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and Ancestry.com's recovery from that experience resulted in this change.

I believe most of websites owned by Ancestry.com are now up and running.

In addition, for those affected by the Y-DNA retirement, did you that you can transfer your Y-DNA results to FamilyTree DNA?

CeCe Moore of the Your Genetic Genealogist blog, mentioned in her June 5, 2014, post a few options. She has a link to FamilyTree DNA's Y-DNA 3rd-Party Transfer options which I have included here. (The page is not found very easily on the FamilyTree DNA website.) I suggest after reading her blog post and reviewing the FamlyTree DNA transfer options, if you have questions about the transfer options at FamilyTree DNA call FamilyTree DNA's customer service and ask to speak to someone regarding which transfer option is best for you.

I have not seen anything yet if there is an mtDNA transfer option with any DNA company.

If you purchased a Y-DNA or mtDNA test from Ancestry.com and it has not been processed (either your didn't take the sample yet OR you took it, sent it in but its processing was not finished at the time of the announcement), you can get a refund by calling the phone number found under "What if I recently mailed in my sample to be processed?"given in the LegacyDNA retirement FAQ.

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