Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ancestry.com AncestryDNA $49 -- Now Half-price But for How Long?

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Hey Everyone!

If you have been debating about taking an Autosomal DNA test, this just might sway you. 

At least since Friday, July 11th, Ancestry.com has lowered the price of its autosomal AncestryDNA test from the normal $99 to just $49. That is half price!

I know you may have concerns since they just got out of the Y-DNA and mtDNA marketplace but for this price and all the family trees in one place you might want to consider it.

But it seems Ancestry.com is not advertising this price like it does with a normal sale. Though today there was a post on Ancestry.com's blog about reunions and DNA tests with a link to the hard to find webpage -- the only place you can access the sale price -- there was not one word about the lower price in the blog article. 

Here is a personal blog that has the details on the sale, how to find the specific webpage and a reminder of the same coupon code for free DNA shipping that we mentioned last month.

If you are signed into your Ancestry.com account, it seems you will not see the sale price. You need to sign out prior to going to the webpage for the sale.

A couple other blog sites have mentioned a different coupon code -- socialdna -- that supposedly brought the cost down to $46.70 for the test and standard shipping.

Finally, there is no mention of how long this lower price will last. Perhaps this low-key sale is test of some kind for Ancestry.com to assess its situation after the company's June retirement announcement.

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