Monday, September 8, 2014

New Free Webinars FamilySearch, Many Begin This Week

If you have not been checking up on the FamilySearch Blog, you may not know that the Family History Library is offering variety of free webinars. A lot are scheduled for this week.

You can learn about Probate Records, Irish Research (a lot about Irish Research), Scot-Irish Research, Danish Research, US Military Records, German Records, Norwegian Parish Registers, and Reading Spanish Handwriting.

The webinars are held through Adobe Connect Meeting and are actually classes taught at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It appears pre-registration is not required. There is no indication if there is a limit on how many online viewers can attend.

The three links above take you to the the blog announcements for the webinars covering that topic. The link below is to the overall schedule list. From the overall schedule list, click on the class topic of interest to find the link to join that webinar and to find the handout associated with that class. (Each handout is likely placed online nearer to when the class is scheduled to start. It is recommended that you print the handout prior to the meeting start time.) There is also log-in information instructions (how to name yourself) at the class pages.  

Remember class start times are given in Mountain Time, so for our Eastern Time ADD 2 hours. (For example, a 10 am MT class actually starts at 12 pm (noon) ET.)

If you've never used Adobe Connect Meeting, there is a test link and informational overview link (though this link is kind of confusing.) From what I have seen and read, attendees do not need to install the Adobe Connect Add On as that is primarily for hosts and administers.

To find the complete class schedule list, see the Family History Library Wiki page, and look for the Live Online Class Schedule. There are a variety of classes scheduled through December.

One thing to note: I have not found any mention that recordings of these webinars will be available at either the FamilySearch Learning Center or the FamilySearch YouTube Channel. I'll let you know when I can confirm that they will or will not be posted at a later time. So just in case, if you want to see a class you better attend the class.

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