Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reminder: Five Days until Retirement

We just wanted to remind everyone that September 30, 2104 is approaching fast. That is the day that retires the various websites it owns and the Y-DNA and mtDNA testing results/matches on its website.

The websites that will retire are MyFamily and Mundia. You need to save your data and find an alternate website.

The website will change to a read-only website for its message boards and a couple other features. 

A couple months ago, the website MyCanvas was actually sold to the printer of the books. So instead of retiring, that site will now continue with the new owner. (Good news for users of that website.)

The Y-DNA and mtDNA tests results pages will be removed from So for anyone out there that had a Y-DNA or mtDNA test done with, remember you only have until September 29th, 2014 to download your test results and copy your matches. will retire (delete) all Y-DNA and mtDNA test results and matches from its website on September 30th. Do not wait until the last minute to save your information to your computer. (Please note that AncestryDNA -- the autosomal test -- is not effected by this retirement.)  

See the DNA Frequently Asked Questions page at for more information. If you purchased a Y-DNA or mtDNA test but did not use it/have it processed, there is a phone number to call and get a refund of the cost of the test and any taxes paid. Shipping costs will not be refunded. 

To download your Y-DNA or mtDNA test results, sign into your account and go to "Your DNA Home Page." Go to the Y-DNA or mtDNA test page. (Note: I can't see this but it is probably similar to the AncestryDNA test page.) Essentially, for each person you had tested, click on Settings to the right of the tested person's name. Then likely to the right will be a column with Actions, select  "Download Your Raw DNA Data." (Do not select delete this test.) Follow the directions given to download your raw DNA data and then you will have a copy of that test's results on your computer. Repeat this for each test you had done. 

With your results downloaded, you can transfer your raw data to another genealogy/DNA testing company if you choose to do so. Transferring generally costs a little bit less than purchasing a new test. (Note that with a transferred test you will not be able to add/upgrade another type of test to it because the company will only have the raw data your transferred, it will not have the actual DNA sample. To have the person tested for another type of DNA you would have to have a new test kit sent.) 

Now as to your matches/potential matches, you will need to either page by page or individually print these out to paper, print these out as pdf files, or make screen captures of your matches to preserve them for future reference. If you have definite matches, you should likely print/preserve that individual match. 

You can also check the community forum for DNA for other ideas on how to preserve your matches for the future.

CeCe Moore of the Your Genetic Genealogist blog, mentioned in her June 5, 2014, post a few options. She has a link to FamilyTree DNA's Y-DNA 3rd-Party Transfer options which I have included here. (The page is not found very easily on the FamilyTree DNA website.) I suggest after reading her blog post and reviewing the FamlyTree DNA transfer options, if you have questions about the transfer options at FamilyTree DNA call FamilyTree DNA's customer service and ask to speak to someone regarding which transfer option is best for you.

See you soon at the Mt Clemens Public Library! 


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