Thursday, October 2, 2014

October is National Family History Month! Do Something for your Genealogy!

Worldwide, nationally or locally we observe or commemorate public issues, social causes, heritages/ethnicities, historic events, or noted individuals. Just a day may be selected, occasionally a particular week is designated, but sometimes a whole month is chosen.

October is Family History Month in the United States. You have 31 days to celebrate. Okay, technically just 29 are left but it is up to you how you choose to do so.

Need some ideas? Attend a genealogy event this month. See our Southeast Michigan Genealogy Events Calendar for ideas.

Want to do something for your own research? Plan a short research trip or try some of these ideas (inspired by other designated days) you can do at home.

  • Since the first week of October is Get Organized Week, plan one or two days or an hour each day to organize your genealogy papers.
  • Since October 3 is Techies Day, spend sometime tomorrow organizing the files on your hard drive and backing up your hard drive. Or simply entering into your genealogy program that information you have been meaning to do.
  • Since October is also Computer Learning Month, check out a book or watch a webinar on how to use one of your genealogy-related programs ... or your computer.
  • October 5 is the generally the end of OktoberFest in Germany, try to do some research on a German ancestor if you have one.
  • October 9 is Curious Events Day, try investigating a mystery in your family tree. This day is also Lief Erikson Day, if you have a Norse ancestor research him or her.
  • October 12 is Moment of Frustration Day, re-examine one or more of your "brickwall" ancestors and create a plan to knock down that wall.
  • October 13 is Columbus Day, research a Spanish line if you have it or research an ancestor's emigration/immigration. It is also International Skeptics Day, take another look at those family branches that might be a little shaky.
  • October 18 is International Newspaper Carrier Day, search for your ancestors in the newspaper. Or re-read your newspaper finds to see if you missed something. This day is also Sweetest Day, search again for those missing marriage records.
  • October 19 is Evaluate Your Life Day, in the spirit of this day spend some time re-evaluating your research efforts on a particular problem.
  • October 27 is National Tell a Story Day in Scotland and the U.K., so try writing your memories about a particular relative. Or, write down those stories of your ancestors/family that you heard growing up.

I think you get the idea, just do something genealogy related no matter how small or big.

See you soon at the Mt. Clemens Pubic Library!


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