Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Solution to "Annoyance to the Deceased" Patented by Local Funeral Home Director

1896 Mount Clemens Monitor article
What Did You Find?! Wednesday

Here's a more humorous item for our What Did You Find?! Wednesday series.

Ever get distracted by all the other articles while trying to locate the one you want from a newspaper microfilm? It happens to all of us. Though often serious at the time they were written, a few of these articles seem a little humorous to us today.

One of our volunteers ran across an article in an 1896 issue of the Mount Clemens Monitor newspaper. Did you ever think a noisy folding chair would "occasioning annoyance to the deceased and distracting the attention of the friends."

Apparently local funeral home director R. J. Hubbard was so motivated by the issue he patented a folding chair to solve the problem.

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