Wednesday, August 3, 2016

RED ALERT, RED ALERT!! Family Tree DNA Sizzling Summer Sale Starts Today ... Family Finder Test at Lowest Price Ever!

originally posted at 12:18 p.m. ET

I just told a library patron while volunteering last night that usually there is an DNA sale in August. I opened this morning's email and there was an announcement for one.

Family Tree DNA has announced its Sizzling Summer Sale.

FTDNA has put its FamilyFinder (autosomal DNA) test at its lowest price ever ... just $69. Regularly the test costs $99 so you are saving thirty dollars.

The sale runs from August 3rd until .... we don't know. The end date of the sale has not been announced so you might want to act fast. Generally FTDNA sales end at 11:59 p.m Central Time. But this time we don't know on which day that will be -- it could be today or later this week or another day.

Pricing does not include taxes and shipping which may vary by shipping distance. Shipping prices to Michigan were less than $10 in prior years. Shipping prices to Michigan are now $12.95 which covers receiving and sending the test.

Also, on sale are several bundled tests which are two or more types of tests (to be used on one person) for one reduced price. However, the savings is still just the same thirty dollars you would save on just the FamilyFinder test. (Those belonging to a DNA study group would save an additional $10 off just the bundled prices.)

Remember, Family Tree DNA is the only testing company that tests all three types of DNA: autosomal (male and female); Y-DNA (direct male); and mtDNA (direct maternal).

So our advice is if you have been wanting to do a DNA test this is a fantastic price for just the FamilyFinder test to get in on and get your DNA (or a relative's) stored. But if you have been thinking about doing a Y-DNA or mtDNA test also, hold off on those until they really go on sale. (You can upgrade a FamilyFinder test to include a Y-DNA and/or mtDNA for that tested person at a real sale price later. No additional swabs will be needed because FTDNA will use the stored DNA from the original test.)

Here is some additional information for you.
  • Family Tree DNA tests are done with spit swabs not a spit tube. These are generally easier for older persons who may have trouble producing spit.
  • Autosomal DNA tests can be taken by males and females.
  • Autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents about equally but randomly. Due to the random nature, siblings my inherit different "pieces." That randomness means you may not get a "piece" of some ancestors. And because of that randomness, it means it is best to test as many family members as possible because you all inherited a different "mix" of autosomal DNA from your ancestors.
  • An autosomal DNA test will also show you the ethnic mixture of what you inherited.
  • Your autosomal test matches may match you because you share a common ancestor (Identical By Descent or IBD) or because of coincidence (Identical By State or IBS.)
  • At Family Tree DNA an autosomal test is called FamilyFinder. (At an autosomal test is called AncestryDNA.)
  • Family Tree DNA has tools, like a chromosome browser, to help analyze your matches.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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