Sunday, February 5, 2017

DNA Sales for Valentine's Day in United States and for RootsTech Attendees

23andMe Autosomal DNA Test Kit
There is love are DNA sales in the air!

23andMe is having a Valentine's Day sale for customers in the United States on its Autosomal DNA test. You can save $20 on each DNA test kit with a limit of two kits per person. 23andMe has two versions of its test now. The sale ends February 14, 2017.

There is its Health + Ancestry Service which is on sale for $179 instead of $199 which is its regular price. This is the test version that 23andMe started with. Besides giving you DNA matches and an ethnicity breakdown, it will give you more than 65 online reports on your ancestry traits and health.

The other test version is just the Ancestry Service which is on sale for $79 instead of its $99 regular price. This version of the test give you your ethnicity percentage breakdown and DNA matches (similar to the other DNA companies) but no health information.

Shipping is extra which will be approximately $9.95 for one kit and $14.95 for two kits.

If you are an adoptee the standard advice is to test at all three DNA testing companies because they each have differing customer pools. Of the three companies, the 23andMe DNA match service has been more difficult to use but the company has been making some changes. Regardless of where you test, read the terms and opt outs to make sure you don't accidentally agree to something (like researchers using your data) that you personally don't want to happen.

If you are attending RootsTech 2017 later this week, Family Tree DNA will have its Autosomal DNA test kits on sale for $69 at its booth. You can also save the $10 on the test bundled with a full sequence MtDNA or Y-37 DNA test. If you take the test there and turn it in a the booth you'll save the shipping cost too. If not, you'll need to pay for shipping to send it in.

We will be keeping an ear out for upcoming DNA sales. Previous DNA sales times have been March Madness and St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. It's would not surprise us that one of the other test companies follows suit or makes their own reason for a sale.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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