Friday, February 17, 2017

Follow Up to Family Tree DNA Autosomal Transfers -- Points to Understand

So the news is out that Autosomal Transfers at Family Tree DNA are now possible with the revised testings chips used by AncestryDNA and 23andMe.

Here are some points to make sure everyone understands:
  • An Autosomal Transfer to Family Tree DNA is initially free.
  • The Autosomal Transfer is a data transfer. No actual DNA is swapped between the companies.
    • For instructions on how to download your DNA test results data from AncestryDNA, see here.
    • For instructions on how to download your DNA test results data from 23andMe, see here
    • Transfers from MyHeritage and Genographic will be supported in the near future.
  • For free you get to see all of your matches* now not just the top 20 matches (which was the case prior to this) and you can use the FamilyFinder Matrix which allows you to select up to ten matches and see in a chart if they match each other too.
    • *Transfers of tests on the AncestryDNA V2 chip and 23andMe V3 chip receive all but the most speculative matches (6th to remote cousins). If a customer wants to receive the speculative matches, a DNA sample will have to submitted so a FamilyFinder test (at a reduced price of $59) can be run.
  • Depending on the volume of submissions, Autosomal Transfer results may take between one to twenty-four hours.
  • All previously submitted Autosomal Transfers that were not unlocked prior, will now receive all their matches (not just the top twenty as was the case prior to this) and have access to the FamilyFinder Matrix too IF they have signed the release form. If the form is already signed the matches should just appear.
  • At Family Tree DNA each individual's test kit is separate so you will have a separate kit number and password for each test kit you manage. You will not see all the kits you manage in one place like you do at AncestryDNA. So yes you can do an Autosomal Transfer for how every many tests you have at AncestryDNA and 23andMe but each will be managed separately at Family Tree DNA.
    • For ethics sake, make sure you have the permission of the person (whose DNA test you manage) to add their test results to another resource be it Family Tree DNA or GedMatch or where ever.
  • The cost to unlock a free Autosomal Transfer test (new and existing) to access the additional Family Finder tools is $19.
    • When you unlock your Autosomal Transfer you get access to:
      • A Chromosome Browser that allows you to see which segments of which chromosomes you and your match(es) share in either a graphic view and chart view. You also get the ability to see which matches you and another match share In Common or Not In Common.
      • myOrigins gives you your ethnicity estimate/makeup
        • A MyOrigins (ethnicity) update will be released very soon. So unlocked Autosomal Transfers at this time will only show broad population categories.
      • ancientOrigins which compares your DNA to the DNA found at archaeological digs found throughout the European continent
      • Besides this you can contact your matches if they allowed their email address to be viewed, and see a match's tree if that match has created one.
  • Not sure which test kit results you already transferred? The transfer process will tell you this kit is a duplicate and list the kit number of the original submission.
  • For Autosomal Transfer FamilyFinder Tests, if you want to add/upgrade to include a Y-DNA or mtDNA you will have to submit an actual DNA sample with that added test.

In addition, tests done at Family Tree DNA give you the option to enter your last know direct male and last know direct female ancestors by name, birth and location. There is also the option to enter a list of your surnames with locations. When a match has a same or similar surname entered as you have in your surname list, that surname appears in bold and at the beginning of your match's surname list. The surname list is a nice alternative if you don't want to put a tree online yet.

If you already have a FamilyFinder test (directly tested or prior autosomal transfer) you might want to check in on your match list a little more often in the future. We suspect the number of our matches will be growing.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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