Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Father's Day Sale at Family Tree DNA: Y-DNA, Family Finder & Bundles on Sale

Family Tree DNA is having a Father's Day Sale on a few of its DNA tests. The sale prices are good until June 18, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Central Time which is 12:59 a.m. Eastern Time. Taxes and shipping are extra

So which tests are on sale?

Autosomal Test (male or female) 
Family Finder is now $69, regularly $89 

Y-DNA Tests (male-only, father's line)
Y37 test is now $139, regularly $169 

Autosomal Test with Y-DNA Test (multiple tests package for one male)
Family Finder with Y37 test package is now $199, regularly $258 
Family Finder with Y67 test package is now $337, regularly $357 
Family Finder with Y111 test package is now $208, regularly $278

Autosomal Test with mtDNA Test (multiple tests package for one male OR one female, mother's line)
Family Finder with mtFull Sequence test is now $268, regularly $288

Family Tree DNA is the only DNA testing company that tests Y-DNA and mtDNA in addition to autosomal DNA. At a later date, you can always add/upgrade another test type to the DNA sample already submitted. There is no annual subscription fee at Family Tree DNA. 

Remember, the sale price is not just for "fathers." Any one (male or female) can take an autosomal DNA test. So if there is some elderly cousin or any relation really you hope to test, now is a good time to pick up a test kit or two. 

Also, remember that Family Tree DNA also has a DNA Automsomal Transfer option. Autosomal DNA Transfers can be done with 23andMe V3 or V4 tests and AncestryDNA V1 and V2 tests. The initial transfer lets you see all your matches for free. It is just $19 to unlock the test to see/do more (like ethnicity) and be able to contact matches. We have two posts here and here that explain DNA Autosomal Transfers. 

Some of our other previous posts can explain a little bit about the difference between autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. Click the labels to the left using either DNA, DNA Day, or FamilyTreeDNA. 

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library! 

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