Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Friends & Family Sale at Family Tree DNA Save on Select Tests until August 31

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Last year it was the Sizzling Summer Sale, this August it is the Friends and Family Sale ... either way DNA tests are on sale for 20 percent off at Family Tree DNA until August 31, 2017. 

So which tests are on sale? 

Individual Tests
Autosomal Test  Family Finder is now $69, regularly $89 save $20

Y-DNA Test (male-only, father's line)  Y37 test is now $139, regularly $169 save $30

mtDNA Test (male or female, mother's line)  mtFull Sequence test is now $159, regularly $199 save $40 
Bundled Tests (for one individual)
Autosomal Test with Y-DNA Test (multiple tests package for one male)
Family Finder with Y37 test package is now $198, regularly $258 save $60
Family Finder with Y67 test package with mtFull Sequence is now $430
, regularly $556 save $126

Autosomal Test with mtFull Sequence Test (multiple tests package for one person who can be male or female) 
Family Finder with mtFull Sequence package is now $218, regularly $288 save $70

Upgrades for Existing Y-DNA and mtDNA Test Holders 
mt or mtPlus to mtFull Sequence upgrade is now $119 
y12 to y37 upgrade is now $69
y25 to y37 upgrade is now $35
y37 to y67 upgrade is now $79
y37 to y111 upgrade is now $168
y67 to y111 upgrade is now $99
Big Y upgrade is now $449 [note: The Big Y upgrade sale price has also been reported as $395. This cost difference may be due to participation in a Y-DNA Project. FTDNA Project administrators and their participants often get a small price break on test kits.]

If you already have a DNA test at Family Tree DNA and want to upgrade that test to include another type of DNA test that is on sale and buy an upgrade to your existing test, simply sign into that particular DNA test kit and then place the order. You will need to do this for each test separately if you plan to upgrade multiple tests. 

Shipping and taxes are extra which vary depending on where the test is being shipped. Shipping to Michigan was $12.95 (the last we know) which covers receiving and sending the test.

Also, remember that Family Tree DNA also has a DNA Automsomal Transfer option. Autosomal DNA Transfers can be done with 23andMe V3 or V4 tests and AncestryDNA V1 and V2 tests. The initial transfer is free for a look at your matches and is just $19 to unlock the test to see more and be able to contact matches. We have two posts here and here that explain DNA Autosomal Transfers.

Family Tree DNA does not require an annual subscription. Each test kit has its own login/password. You can manage your own test or allow (give access) to someone else to do so for you. Inside the test kit is a release form the tested person signs and sends with the samples so the DNA can be tested. There is also an option to indicate Beneficiary Information (who gets access to your DNA after you are gone) in the test kit account settings.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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