Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vote Today Only for Favorite Drawn Postcards, Continue Voting #DigUtica

We're Tweeting, Are You?
Are you on Twitter? If so we hope you are tweet-voting for the 2017 Michigan Newspaper Grant Program winning newspaper. And we hope you are supporting The Utica Sentinel with the #DigUtica hashtag. Macomb County currently has no digitized historical newspaper online.

Today only, January 26, you can also tweet-vote for your favorite "Refrigerator Art Postcard" and "Most Artistic Postcard" which were hand-drawn postcards by children and adults sent into support one of the five finalist newspapers.

Each postcard has its own hashtag. While you're voting for these don't forget to include the hashtag for the newspaper you are supporting, like #DigUtica. (Might as well put each tweet to good use.)

First place towns will receive an extra 500 votes and second place towns will receive an extra 250 votes.

How do you vote? Compose a tweet message and be sure to include #DigUtica to make your vote/tweet count for The Utica Sentinel to win. Don't have Twitter? Vote using Michigan-theme postcards; each postcard sent counts as 10 votes.
Free pre-printed postcards are available at Mount Clemens Public Library and Sterling Heights Public Library. Pick up some postcards, go to the post office, buy some postcard stamps which are 34 cents each, affix stamps and mail. Do it really soon so the postcards make it by the contest deadline.

Postcard for #DigUtica
You can vote for your favorite newspaper as many times as you would like using either Twitter or Michigan-themed postcard and both voting periods end on January 28, 2017. For more details on the grant program and how to vote using postcards or even Twitter, see our original post for digitizing The Utica Sentinel which is one of the five finalists.

And remember, MCGG is now on Twitter under the @MCGGmichigan handle so follow us.


See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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