Thursday, April 20, 2017

Getting Closer: Software MacKiev, Work to Tweak FTM 2017 Programming & Ancestry Systems Prior to Release of Family Tree Maker 2017

If you have been concerned about the release of Family Tree Maker 2017, we hope you are doing as we suggested, checking the Family Tree Maker User Group FaceBook page and the Family Tree Maker Support page at Software MacKiev's website for official information from Software MacKiev.

For those that have not been doing so, here is the latest news.

Software MacKiev and have been working to fix some syncing issues that could only be seen during live testing with the old TreeSync system shut off so it would not interfere with the new version. As of a week ago beta testers were having an 89 percent success rate with syncing. That was not good enough for Software MacKiev and thus a revised release date was not set. The company and most customers would prefer a software program that was better than that. So Software MacKiev automated an error report process to help them and identify where the software needed tweaking and where the behind the scenes aspects of the Ancestry website system needed tweaking.

After another week with even more beta testers about 6,000 of them, today Software MacKiev announced that they are up to a 94 percent success rate of syncing. Very large trees are still having some issues. (It was not specified what constituted very large trees -- number of people or number of items/media/sources or both.) has been making adjustments to the Ancestry system the latest of which will happen tomorrow, Friday. Software MacKiev has been tweaking the program code in Family Tree Maker will do some more this weekend after Ancestry's Friday adjustment.

With those adjustments MacKiev will start selective roll out of the latest best test build to further test the system to handle more trees called the "Beta TEST Drive Program." The first 25,000 to sign-up will have an opportunity to test drive Family Tree Maker 2017 without the usual Beta Tester rules and processes to follow and previous Beta testing experience is not required. To be a beta tester and to participate in this new beta test program you have to have pre-ordered/purchased Family Tree Maker 2017.

So on Monday afternoon Software MacKiev will send out an email with a sign-up link to be part of the "Beta Test Drive Program." If you have pressing need to sync your tree(s), sign up for the Best Test Drive Program. There is a place in the sign-up form to indicate what your urgent need is and in many cases you can get same day access.

If you are able to sync okay during the test drive and pass some automated diagnostic tests that confirm everything went as expected you can continue using Family Tree Maker 2017. Depending how it goes with the first 25,000 test drivers, more test drivers will be added. 

Read the complete Release of FTM 2017 dated April 20th using the link above to the Family Tree Maker 2017 Support page.

If you have not been receiving emails from Software MacKiev, make sure you are on the mailing list. Check your spam folder just in case the messages are ending up there. (They do not send a lot of emails so don't worry about that aspect.) Software MacKiev sends emails out in batches to lower the chance of the email ending up in Spam Folders so with thousands on the mailing list it may take some time to get the email out to everyone. Be patient.

Remember there are a lot of other genealogy-related things to do that don't involve using Family Tree Maker for a short period of time. We are sure we all have something on that to-do list ... be it a genealogy to-do list or a honey to-do list ... that can be done while we exercise our patience.

Lastly, remember to pay more attention to "official voices" and not the complaining if you want to learn the status of the release.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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