Thursday, April 6, 2017

Together & MacKiev Work to Avoid Potential Family Tree Maker 2017 Release Issues — Patience Please

According to the latest update on April 4, put a hold on things because further testing designed to stress the system by simulating large numbers of simultaneous users syncing their trees revealed performance issues might affect not just Family Tree Maker users but all users. 

Software MacKiev and are working on these issues. Thus the new expected release date is not a specific date but an estimate of time from as early as this Friday to the middle of next week. 

We think we can all agree we would rather they take the time to get it right. Some have commented/complained why did they wait to beta test? They likely did not. Some software testing can not be done in simulated environments so real world testing is necessary. That they are finding and fixing these late issues before they release the software en masse is best.

TreeSync from the previous editions/versions of FTM 2014.1 and earlier was shut off March 29 and is still shut off and thus no FTM trees will sync to online trees. So do not try it, it won't work. The other features (hints, search, merge, maps, web dashboard) were turned back on so some work can be done in Family Tree Maker files can be done if you must.

But remember there are a lot of other genealogy-related things to do that don't involve using Family Tree Maker. We are sure we all have something on that to-do list ... be it a genealogy to-do list or a honey to-do list ... that can be done while we exercise our patience.

Read the message from Software MacKiev in this post's image. To check in on developments, keep an eye on the MacKiev Family Tree Maker Support area and the Release of FTM 2017 post which is being updated and the Family Tree Maker FaceBook page. But remember, pay more attention to "official voices" and not the complaining if you want to learn the status of the release.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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