Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Legacy Family Tree Releases Version 9

Legacy Family Tree announced yesterday that it has released its Legacy Family Tree 9.0 software.

The new 9.0 version has several new features:
  • Hinting from websites like FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage so far
  • Find A Grave website searching
  • Online Backup
  • Stories Tool
  • Cause of Death Charts
  • X-DNA Charts
  • Hashtags (unlimited)
  • Family Dictionary Report
  • Family Bingo Report
  • Chronology Report to Compare 2 People
  • Enhanced Color Coding
  • Enhanced Multimedia
  • Enhanced Tagging

There is a six minute video over at FamilyTreeWebinars highlighting some of the new features of version 9.

As in the past, the Standard Edition is free and available as a download. The download is actually the same software but with the deluxe features locked.

The Deluxe Edition which is the pay version unlocks over 100 additional features. There are various price ranges depending on what bundle-type (printed book, CD, webinar membership, etc.) is purchased and whether you have purchased an earlier deluxe edition of Legacy Family Tree software or not.

For the Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition Download which includes the software via instant download and official manual in PDF format only, it is $34.95 for new purchasers and $26.95 upgrade price for anyone who purchased the deluxe edition version in the past. At time of purchase you will likely need to type-in your previous deluxe edition customer number as proof of prior purchase. Find that in your Legacy program under help, about Legacy, general info.

For those who like to save, remember if you watch a Legacy Family Tree Webinar (remember they are free to watch live and for about a week afterwards) you can get a discount code to save 10 percent. And if you are a FamilyTreeWebinar subscriber, you get an automatic extra 5 percent discount when on the Family Tree Webinar website. Hint: there is a webinar today over at at 2 p.m. ET just register to view it live. Or wait until later today to view it for free.

OR go over to a new website by Thomas MacEntee of where you can find a code to save 15 percent off Legacy Family Tree 9.0 for a short while using discount code thomas15leg to save. According to MacEntee it now works on the upgrade pricing too.

Now with regards to syncing on no mention has been made with this announcement. We believe Legacy is waiting Software MacKiev to iron out the kinks with and Family Tree Maker before implementing the sync feature in Legacy.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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