Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It is DNA Day! Now is a Good Time To Buy

Today, April 25, is DNA Day!

There are various sales going on at various testing companies and vendors with DNA related materials.

We have already told you about the sales at Family Tree DNA (runs until this Thursday) and at AncestryDNA (runs until this Wednesday) but there are others too.

Over at 23andMe its DNA tests are 20 percent off until May 14, 2017, with a note to order by May 7th for delivery by Mother's Day. The basic Ancestry Service test is on sale for $79, regularly $99, plus taxes and shipping. The Health + Ancestry Service test is on sale for $179, regularly $199, plus taxes and shipping. There is a limit of two tests at sale prices. 23andMe is the testing company that focuses a bit more on the health aspect of DNA than the genealogy aspect.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can buy the same 23andMe tests and the AncestryDNA test at Amazon and get free two-day shipping, according to today's sales list at GenealogyBargains.com website.

A few of the newer, smaller entries into the DNA testing market are having sales too. A couple are listed on today's list at GenealogyBargains. MyHeritage.com website's MyHeritage DNA test is on sale for $79, regularly $99, plus taxes and shipping. This sale goes until Sunday, April 30, 2017. And Dick Eastman's blog has a coupon code to use for free shipping of MyHeritage DNA tests.

Please note if you live outside the United States, regular and sale prices of DNA tests may vary from what we have stated here.

To celebrate DNA Day, Family Tree Webinars is giving free access through Wednesday, April 26, to its DNA Course 1: Foundations in DNA webinars by Blaine Bettinger. That is five webinars to help you understand DNA and genealogy.

Other vendors like Family Tree Magazine and GenealogyGems are holding sales on guides and books, etc.

Yesterday Roberta Estes at her DNAeXplained Genetic Genealogy blog published a post Which DNA Test is Best? that does a good job at comparing the Big Three (Family Tree DNA/AncestryDNA/23andMe) DNA testing companies for genealogy. She also covers a little bit about a newer, smaller entry into the DNA/genealogy testing market, MyHeritage.

Have a great DNA Day.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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