Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Resources on the Research Help and Links Pages of the MCGG Website (Here)

To everyone that attended this past Saturday's Pathway to Membership in a Lineage Society Workshop, thank you for attending. We hope you enjoyed it.

In producing this workshop, the Macomb County Genealogy Group created a few new resources and have placed them on our website for your personal use. If you think a friend or cousin would find one of the resources helpful, share the link to the page. That is allowable sharing. Please do not send him/her the file directly. These forms/documents are not for commercial use, for re-distribution by individuals/other groups, or for sale/re-sale.

So what have we created?

MCGG Lineage Resources a list of books at Mount Clemens Public Library that are helpful resources to check when doing lineage research to apply to various lineage societies.

If you do not live near Mount Clemens Public Library you may find some of the books at a library near you. Just be aware that Dewey Decimal codes might vary between libraries.

MCGG Lineage Source Log a form to use along side just about any lineage society's worksheet.

The idea behind this form is: a lineage society worksheet focuses on names/dates/places but does not have a lot of room for what source/documentation proves those names/dates/places and proof is everything to a lineage society. Our MCGG Lineage Source Log gives you a place to record your sources/proof in an organized manner that follows along with the worksheet. So you put your names/dates/places on the lineage society worksheet and just the source citation on the MCGG Lineage Source Log. Just use whichever source citation format is used by the lineage society you are joining. Then when you (or the lineage registrar) is ready to type up the final application all of your source citations (proofs) are listed in one organized, readable place.

MCGG's Digitized Civil Vital Records List  this is actually a new page on this website that can be accessed using our Links page or Research Help page.

MCGG has created a list of all States with Online Digitized Vital Records. Though there are numerous vital record indexes out on the internet to utilize, the databases on this list are the ones that have digitized civil vital records registers or certificates. Some are on free websites, some are on pay/subscription websites. We will try to keep this list updated.

We hope you find our new resources helpful along with our original ones the:  MCGG Family Group Sheet, MCGG Pedigree/Ancestral Chart, MCGG Relationship Chart, MCGG Simple Research Log, MCGG Simple Source Log as well as our MCGG Beginner's Kit.

See you soon at Mt. Clemens Public Library!

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